April 6, 2010

Lindt: Grandeur Hazelnuts

This is a review of the hazelnut Grandeur chocolate bar by Lindt. The bar is milk chocolate with "34% hazelnuts." The hazelnuts include small, whole hazelnuts and then little pieces of caramelized hazelnuts. The bar is scored into large squares, so it makes for big portions!

The chocolate itself is creamy and somewhat soft, like most of the chocolate products made by Lindt. I liked the sound of the addition of caramelized hazelnuts, however the pieces of caramelized nuts are quite small and the only difference I can tell between these and the regular hazelnuts are that these themselves are extra crispy (not due to a crunchy coating, the nuts seem as though they were toasted longer). They add a little bit more crunch to the bar, but not much by way of flavor. The whole hazelnuts are what you would expect from hazelnuts in chocolate (very tasty). Both of the nuts are quite diffuse throughout the bar, giving a strong taste of hazelnut with every bite.

I really like the combination of hazelnut and chocolate, and for that this bar isn't bad overall. But, I wish the caramelized hazelnuts had more of a presence. When it comes down to it this bar just tastes like hazelnuts in chocolate, and in that case I prefer the Ritter Sport milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts bar better.

This bar was given to me as a gift, but I'm sure it could be found at a grocery store for $3-4 per 5.3oz bar.

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